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Magnum’s energizing pill gets another size, 10 capsule Rocket Science for your convenience

Magnum's Rocket Science now in a 10 capsule box

Late last year in November we saw Magnum Nutraceutical’s pre-workout pill Rocket Science take off. Three months later the brand followed up the launch with a volume variant of the supplement, putting an exclusive 10% more 66 capsule box in Canada’s own FitShop. Now Magnum have introduced another Rocket Science size, however instead going up this time around they have gone down. The new volume is a 10 count box, 50 less than the full size product, packing a total of three maximum servings with one pill to spare. The price for what Magnum are calling the travel size Rocket Science has yet to be confirmed. Although it would be good to assume the variant has been designed for convenience or those looking to try the supplement, not so much an option that’s going to save you money.

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