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MRI come through with Olympia previews, 6th Athlete Competitive formula Co-H20 released

MRI's sixth Athlete Competitive supplement now available

Last year at the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, MRI Performance debuted their new Athlete Competitive Series, a relatively large line of supplements dedicated to helping competitive athletes. At the big September event MRI did actually show off six new products for the range with Surge, Beta Charge,

Recovery & Repair, Immune Fit, Athlete Multi Tri-System and the intra/post-workout Co-H20. While six where confirmed, only five originally launched, with the sixth now just joining the rest of MRI’s Athlete Competitive Series. The latest supplement to hit shelves is Co-H20, arguably one of the most unique product from the brand’s athlete based line featuring the rare combination of BCAAs, a protein blend and coconut water. For more information instead of going to MRI, check your local retailer as despite the brand not listing Co-H20 online, it is showing up in stores.

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