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Lobliner announces flavor number five, caramel sutra MTS Whey due in two weeks

Marc Lobliner reveals flavor number five for MTS Whey

Marc Lobliner has come through and announced flavor number five for his fan favorite MTS Nutrition Whey. Last year’s Protein Wars runner-up has already had two new options join it’s menu this year, with gourmet cookies & cream, and peanut butter fluff. The latest taste set to arrive

in roughly two weeks is another beautifully named flavor, caramel sutra. While there is no argument that both cookies and peanut butter had some seductive words added to their titles, Lobliner’s fifth MTS Whey definitely takes the cake in that area. As mentioned caramel sutra MTS Whey is due in around two weeks time, and if the supplement’s last two additions are anything to go by. Tiger Fitness is the place to watch if you want to get it as soon as it lands.

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