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2014 6 Pack bags coming out of pre-order, Beast Duffle now available in 2 out of 4 colors

Six Pack's Alpha Duffle now available direct for $179.99

While Six Pack’s Alpha Duffle has still yet to hit their store for straight purchase or pre-order. Some of the innovative brand’s other products are slowly coming out of pre-order only status. The latest to become available and in stock is the Beast Duffle, one of Six Pack’s three bags in the duffle category. The brand do list four colors for the item with black/red, pink/purple, gray/green and red/grey. However out of the four, only two can be purchased at the moment black/red and pink/purple, with the other two detailed as out of stock. The price that has been put on the Beast is probably a good reflection of both it’s size and quality, sitting up in the realms of the Executive 300 and 500 Briefcase at $179.99. It may not be the larger than life traveling Alpha Duffle. But it is currently one of Six Pack’s largest offerings on their store, and one of the few that can be ordered and shipped almost immediately.

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