Continue reading Stack3d say six weeks until Stoppani’s latest, multi-vitamin Vita Jym expected August 1st listing August 1st for arrival of Jim Stoppani's Vita Jym

Jim Stoppani fans will no doubt remember the pain they felt, when the latest Jym supplement went from in stock to out of stock in under three days. There was no denying Shred Jym the crown for the fastest selling product we’ve ever seen. However Stoppani does have more new formulas on the way, two in fact followers may want to prepare for, the protein powder Pro Jym and the multi-vitamin Vita Jym. While Pro has yet to see an update in quite sometime, we do have a little something for Vita following it’s big formula reveal from two weeks ago. The rather small detail that has been dropped comes from Stoppani’s one and only retailer Who are now listing Vita Jym as coming soon with a box to sign on for updates, as well as an estimated arrival date of August 1st. There is no price currently listed for the fourth Jym supplement, but with everything else in the line sitting with relatively good value Vita Pro should be no different.