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MuscleMeds Secret Sauce forces change, top 5 recovery list increased to 10

Five new spaces added to our top recovery supplements chart

After finally putting together our review of MuscleMeds Secret Sauce on Friday, and deciding to include it in our top five list of recovery supplements. We noticed there were a lot of good products that we’ve tried, that have been pushed off the rankings. To ensure that those top quality formulas continue getting the recognition they deserve, we have now increased the number of supplements on our top recovery list. Seeing as the category incoporates aminos, post-workouts and nighttime products, it really only made sense we make it a full top 10. The added five spaces can now be seen on our charts page. With the new entrants or past stars from 6th to 10th being, Cytosport Monster Amino, Muscletech Amino Build, Animal PM, Muscle Pharm Re-Con and Betancourt’s Pure Amino.

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