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Long time no see for ABB Performance, premixed specialists back with Maxx Carnitine

ABB introduce their new Vitamin Shoppe exclusive Maxx Carnitine

ABB the premixed and RTD specialists, who we have seen absolutely nothing from for quite some time, have come out with a brand new supplement. Looking to keep things consistent, ABB’s latest is yet another premixed formula seeing the brand enter the world on-the-go carnitine. The title of the new product is simply Maxx Carnitine, borrowing half it’s name from ABB’s Maxx Recovery. As far as contents go, the supplement features exactly what you’d expect with 3g of l-carnitine. As well as two bonus ingredients in 50mg of green coffee extract and 50mg of caffeine. According to the Vitamin Shoppe, ABB’s Maxx Carnitine is exclusive to them and has now been added to their website. With two flavors available for the premixed product, fruit punch and raspberry lemonade, coming in cases of 12 valued at $25.99.

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