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Second AI sequel supplement for 2014, Life Support 2.0 made to match Cycle Support 2.0

AI Sports set to release sequel number 2 for 2014 Life Support 2.0

Following their early 2014 sequel supplement, Cycle Support 2.0. AI Sports have put together another upgraded product, seeing their formula Life Support get given the 2.0 title. The reformulation doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, as for those that aren’t regular users of Life or Cycle Support. The only thing really separating the two 1.0 supplements is their form, and double size doses for the flavored one of the two. In Life Support 2.0 however, those contents differences have kind of been settled as instead of featuring the same amount of servings with twice the amount of each ingredient. Life 2.0 lists the exact same doses for all 11 of it’s contents, but with half Cycle 2.0’s serving count at a total of 30. The news isn’t quite something a fan hoping to save money would be interested in. Alternatively if you are someone who has to have AI’s optimal health product in capsule form, you can look forward to getting your hands on the updated Life Support 2.0 sometime in the next month or two.

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