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Re-engineered BSN pre-workout now available, new N.O. Xplode on sale at Tiger Fitness

BSN's new N.O. Xplode now available in 50 serving tub at Tiger Fitness

Yesterday we reported that the only place selling BSN’s re-engineered pre-workout supplement N.O. Xplode. Was the brand themselves at the usual overly expensive direct price of 58.39 for 30 servings and $92.29 for 60. The product has now shown up at it’s first retailer, the one and only Tiger Fitness. The popular online stockist are currently listing the supplement at a cost a whole lot better than BSN. With the reformulated N.O. Xplode valued at $32.99 for the 30 serving and $52.99 for the 60. For those that feel the price is still a little bit off, Tiger Fitness have a 10% off everything promotion going on for the July 4th weekend. The voucher to enter in at checkout is ‘JULY4SALE’, dropping the 30 serving to $29.69 and 60 to $47.69. Unfortunately if the Tiger Fitness sub 30 and $50 values are attractive enough to lure you in for purchase. The retailer at the moment only has the 60 serve in stock, with three of their four flavors available.

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