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Gifted Nutrition facts panels posted, Accelerate listing CarnoSyn in 200mg proprietary blend

Facts panels of all four Gifted Nutrition supplements released

When Phil Heath revealed Gifted Nutrition he opened up pre-ordering for all four of his supplements, the protein powder Iso Whey, fat burner SuperLean, testosterone booster S3 and the pre-workout Accelerate. Unfortunately much like a lot of our fans, we were disappointed in the fact that none of the products were uploaded with their labels. We have always been more curious than cautious, so despite the lack of information we ordered the pre-workout Accelerate anyway. Today Heath’s supplements have now actually had all their facts panels released, making us immediately regret our pre-order. Basically SuperLean, S3 and ISO Whey all feature relatively predictable formulas, which we have uploaded below. Accelerate however we almost feel like there is some kind of a mistake.

In short Gifted’s pre-workout lists a 12g scoop with a 200mg amino acid blend, CarnoSyn beta-alanine apparently in that blend, and caffeine and green tea in the other ingredients section. Now we are all about not judging a book by it’s cover and giving products a chance. A look at a label can only tell you so much with things like undetailed doses, manufacturing quality and honesty playing big unknown parts. All that aside if what has been uploaded and we have posted below, is indeed the facts panel of Phil Heath’s pre-workout. Then Gifted Nutrition have a very long road ahead of them.

Gifted Nutrition Accelerate facts panel
Gifted Nutrition S3 facts panel
Gifted Nutrition SuperLean facts panel
Gifted Nutrition Iso Whey facts panel
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