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Gifted launches 5 new flavors, 2 for BYLT and 3 for Accelerate


The last time we saw anything new from Gifted Nutrition was six months ago at the Olympia Expo with 1316 Whey and BYLT. Since then we haven’t seen or heard of anything else until today, as at the Arnold Sports Festival the brand has introduced a handful of new flavors for two current supplements. A total of five more flavors have been launched by Gifted with two for the aforementioned BYLT and three for the brand’s pre-workout Accelerate.

Joining BYLT’s two originals Grape and Raspberry Lemonade are two more fruity recipes in Green Apple and Pineapple Mango. As for Gifted’s Accelerate menu, now sitting alongside Watermelon and Fruit Punch is Cherry Limeade, Grape and Pink Lemonade. While the five flavors have been launched at the Arnold, they are also now listed on the brand’s website although the new Accelerate options all appear to be out of stock.