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Phil Heath officially leaves Gifted Nutrition due to mismanagement


Just like Dexter Jackson did late last year with Blade Nutrition. It has been confirmed that the Gift, Phil Heath, has officially left his not even two year old supplement company, Gifted Nutrition. The man himself has actually answered a number of questions about the move, including why he decided to part ways with Gifted and what he has planned for the future.

We’ll get straight to the important part starting with Phil Heath’s answer to why he decided to leave Gifted Nutrition.

“Basically, I learned that the company finances had been mismanaged—by others who were in charge of day-to-day operations. Some people will say, ‘Hey, you were the President of GN for the last year—weren’t you also in charge of operations?’ But my role in the company, the job I performed by giving 100% effort toward the goal of growing Gifted, was making worldwide public appearances in support of GN, promoting GN products on multiple platforms—spreading the word wherever and whenever I could—and winning Mr. Olympia.

While I was out doing that job, there were others tasked with carrying out day-to-day financial operations, but they let me down. They let GN down. Sure, there were growing pains early on—for example, there was a manufacturer who falsely claimed they had FDA approval, and then we had to change manufacturers, which meant GN absorbed a huge loss. But finally, when there were signs of internal wrongdoing, conduct I couldn’t condone, it started to seem like there was no light at the end of the tunnel.”

As you can see it sounds like the Gift had some issues with the inner workings of Gifted Nutrition. Another important detail worth mentioning is that Heath apparently never profited from the brand, received a paycheck, or had any of his expenses covered. He has actually said that he paid “the company payroll twice after finding out that GN was unable to do so”, and that technically he is a creditor of Gifted.

You can check out the full interview Phil Heath did on his departure from Gifted Nutrition at Flex Online. You can also expect to see the current Mr. Olympia back with a supplement company sometime in the near future as he has confirmed that is his plan from here.

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