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Phil Heath confirms and launches Gifted Nutrition, Mr. Olympia’s premium products listed without contents

Phil Heath announces Gifted Nutrition and starts taking pre-orders

In a story that has been built up beyond almost all supplement releases, Phil Heath today has finally revealed his plans after Muscletech. As it turns out there is no big brand he is signing a contract with, he will not be joining his coach Hany Rambod at Evogen, nor will he be teaming up with a known company to produce Gifted Nutrition. The Gift’s line is in fact going to be a stand alone range of products, without anyone like MP or BPI backing it. The reveal has actually proven to be some what of a disappointment, or at least for us it has. It is exciting that Heath has his own line, we aren’t arguing that. Today’s Gifted Nutrition launch however has only really released the name of the brand and that is it. You can pre-order all four of Gifted’s supplements from their website, Superlean, ISO Whey, Accelerate and S3, although there is no way of knowing what’s even in the products. We’re not going to lie, we were kind of hoping for something a little bigger. It just seems rather uneventful building up to today, with everything going online. Except for the one part that will prove whether or not the brand is actually going to come through on their focus to produce premium supplements. Despite our concerns, as mentioned you can now pre-order Gifted’s products with slightly better than usual direct value, and shipping set to commence on July 21st.

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