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Hybrid individual due to get it’s first flavor, watermelon AgmaPump previewed in all white

Hybrid Nutrition confirm AgmaPump's first flavored variant

Currently Hybrid Nutrition’s only individual ingredient supplement AgmaPump, comes in an unflavored powder, packing 50 500mg servings of agmatine sulfate per 25g tub. While Hybrid don’t appear to be interested in changing the size of the formula anytime soon, they are set to add to AgmaPump’s lonely menu. Confirmed to be joining the basic supplement’s tasteless option is it’s first flavored variant, watermelon. Hybrid have not given any idea or day for when the fruity pre-workout ingredient will arrive. We can see however that AgmaPump’s second option is going to bring a slightly different look, with an all white design. Whether or not the updated appearance is something that will just be used for watermelon and other future flavors, we don’t know. But we have to say the loss of the black out of theme lid does make Hybrid’s AgmaPump a lot more attractive.

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