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Popular iForce pump product now unflavored, Hemavol Raw exclusive to Natural Body Inc.

Natural Body Inc reveal their exclusive unflavored iForce Hemavol

For all those iForce Nutrition fans who have been adding their favorite pump powder Hemavol to a pre-workout supplement, or any other energizer for the extra effect. Your days of taking two products one after another, or mixing up two different tastes in the one shaker, are over. iForce have produced what they are calling Hemavol Raw, an unflavored and unchanged version of the brand’s pump dedicated pre-workout formula. The catch with the new supplement is that fans can only purchase it from one store, a place that we have seen land a number of exclusives in the past. The retailer is Natural Body Inc. who usually have Hemavol priced around $29.95 for the full size 32 serving tub. Whether or not that’s the cost Hemavol Raw will end up with, we’ll have to wait until Natural Body upload the product. Although we can only imagine the supplement being priced identically, if not a little bit cheaper.

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