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iForce confirm pre-workout’s vitamins & minerals, Max Out’s complete formula transparently dosed

iForce Nutrition release a complete list of transparently dosed contents for Max Out

Over the weekend iForce Nutrition posted the contents list of their upcoming pre-workout supplement, Max Out. As it so happens the brand actually have a few other ingredients that are in the product, that weren’t listed in the supplement’s original reveal. The features left out were the vitamins and minerals with vitamin B12, malic acid, vitamin C and niacin. Another detail that was previously not available and possibly more important than Max Out’s missing ingredients is that the pre-workout is transparently dosed. The bonus feature confirms doses for every iForce inclusion with highlights such as glycerol monostearate at 2g, potassium nitrate at 600mg and rhodiola rosea at 500mg. For a full look at Max Out and all 15 of it’s ingredients we have uploaded, not exactly a facts panel below. But a promotional image still getting the main idea and important information across.

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