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Jamie Eason series moving up to five, Lean Body For Her Peanut Protein set for August

Jamie Eason looking to make it five for her Labrada series

Earlier in the year Jamie Eason launched her Labrada Nutrition collaboration, a four formula line titled the Lean Body For Her series. Making up the range is the protein powder Whey Protein Isolate, Advanced Anti-Bloat Formula, Krill Oil and the food based Multi-Vitamin. Now more than six months since the For Her series’ release, Eason is looking to push her Labrada collection up to a total of five supplements with a second protein powder. Compared to Whey Isolate, the upcoming Peanut Protein has been designed as more of a multi-purpose solution. With three intended purposes, used as a spread, topping, and of course as a protein shake. As for it’s finer details the product weighs in with 20g of protein, 19g of carbohydrates (5g sugar, 5g fiber), 7g of fat (1g saturated) and a total of 190 calories. Despite most of the supplement’s information being available now, Jamie Eason fans will have to wait roughly a month for her fifth formula. As Lean Body For Her Peanut Protein is not expected until sometime in August.

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