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Jason Blaha talks about amino spiking nonsense, Lobliner’s protein movement still going strong

On most occasions we post about those against amino spiking or those who have a problem with it. Today’s video is seemingly from the other side of the argument, with Jason Blaha from Juggernaut Fitness talking about how amino spiking is nonsense. The almost five minute upload goes over how those supporting the cause are in some way or another trying to promote a protein powder. As well as that the majority of people out there may not actually notice the effects between a spiked and non-spiked supplement. The YouTube clip hasn’t changed our stance on the issue, it does however make us wonder. If we are to assume that amino spiking is okay and that it won’t make a lot of difference to most, then why are a lot of brands disguising it with most now making the change. If amino spiking is an honest act, then why not label it honestly. Despite our conflicts with what’s talked about, it will be interesting to see what kind of affect Blaha’s discussion has. As we have seen in the past voices go a long way, with Marc Lobliner being one of the best examples. When he first pointed out the amino spiking issue no one else would have followed and joined forces if there was not something to believe in. We now have a long list of names going against it with PricePlow, USP Labs, GNC, American Muscle, and Jim Stoppani, with almost no one promoting it positively.

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