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Latest from Lecheek available for pre-order, secure Stim Shot for just $26 from Supp Central

Lecheek Nutrition's Stim Shot available for pre-order from Supp Central

Earlier this month Lecheek Nutrition said that they would have their new sub-lingual pre-workout supplement Stim Shot, on shelves in about three or four weeks time. The date was then officially set when the brand put the product up for pre-order, listing August 1st as the day the supplement would ship. For those that saw the pre-order go online, you also may have noticed it was uploaded with a price tag of $74.99. Lecheek did release the coupon code ‘STIM50‘, which does give you 50% off Stim Shot. Now however, the latest from Lecheek has been put up for pre-order by Supplement Central, who have it at a slightly better price. The store are listing the product at just $25.95, with availability set at two to three days time. While the stockist is without an exact launch date unlike Lecheek. Seeing as Supp Central are teasing an almost identical arrival, it might be worth going after the $11.50 saving.

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