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Latest on Lecheek’s sub-lingual pre-workout, Stim Shot colors altered & contents revealed

Lecheek Nutrition preview and detail their pre-workout formula Stim Shot

Lecheek Nutrition’s most recently revealed supplement Stim Shot, previously had it’s May preview followed up in early June with an actual look at the product. The brand have now gone one step further, with a new alternatively colored Stim Shot showing off what could be all of it’s ingredients. Unlike our last look at the Lecheek supplement, the sub-lingual pre-workout is no longer black and red, but black with a lime green gradient. As for it’s contents, we don’t know if they are the only features in the product. However the brand have confirmed five for Stim Shot, caffeine, higenamine, dendrobium, choline bitartrate and hordenine. Lecheek have revealed that per serving their new supplement packs a serving size of 625mg, which does suggest those five could very well make up the product’s entire formula. To make the Stim Shot update that much more interesting, the brand are hoping to have their pepper mint pre-workout available later in the month. Putting it on shelves in roughly three to four weeks.

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