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Magnum amino almost fully transparent, HI5 facts panel details doses of highlights

Magnum upload the official facts panel for their upcoming HI5

Last time we checked in with Magnum Nutraceuticals not only had we confirmed the brand’s next new supplement to be HI5, a product destined for the trending amino market. But we were also given the upcoming formula’s complete list of contents right from BCAAs all the way down to betaine from it’s anti-fatigue blend. While we didn’t think there would be much left for Magnum to reveal leading up to HI5’s release. It turns out the unveiling of the supplement’s facts panel does add a little more to the story of the amino, confirming enough doses to almost make it a fully transparent formula. Thanks to the semi-honest label we now know that the coming soon product has highlights such as 4g of 2:1:1 BCAAs, 865mg of HICA, 200mg of rhodiola and 500mg of l-carnitine l-tartrate. There is of course many more ingredients with their doses detailed, ten in fact out of the 25 in Magnum’s HI5. Which can all be seen in the supplement’s official facts panel below.

Magnum HI5 facts panel
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