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Latest from Magnum launched direct, two kicker flavors confirmed for the 100% fermented Hi5

Magnum confirm the launch of their new hair free amino Hi5

For all those Magnum Nutraceuticals fans out there that have been following along for the latest from their favorite brand. The Canadian company have confirmed that their new amino acid formula Hi5 has been launched and is making it’s way out to stores.

While we can’t find any store online with the 100% fermented amino cocktail just yet, Magnum are currently stocking the supplement on their own website for those not willing to wait. The direct availability is as you would expect a little bit expensive at $44.95 for fruit punch with a mango kicker. Which despite it’s lonely presence, is at some point due to be joined by a second Hi5 two part flavor in blue raspberry with a peach kicker.

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