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Three new supplements from MAN Sports, coming soon powder products a mystery

MAN Sports preview three new coming soon supplements

MAN Sports have released a teaser image previewing a bunch of new supplements, all confirmed as coming soon. To start off we are looking at a total of three products, with one capsule supplement and the other two presumably powder products. Based on what little information the brand have teamed up their latest preview with, we don’t know for sure, but are pretty certain the capsule formula is MAN’s new fat burner Lean PhD. As for the other two we really have no idea, so at the moment we can only speculate. Our guesses are that if the bottles in the image do in fact belong to the coming soon supplements. We are looking at what appears to be another Micro Batch individual formula, and possibly a complex product of some sort packed into the same kind of bottle as the soon to be discontinued Pure PF3. At this point we are only guessing based on the bottles in MAN’s latest preview. Although seeing as Lean PhD is coming soon and their is a capsule supplement pictured, we might not be too far off with the other two products.

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