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MAN Sport’s new fat burner on it’s way, Lean PhD expected around the Olympia

MAN Sports looking to launch Lean PhD at the Olympia

With a lot of interesting developments coming from MAN Sports lately with the return of Clout, the unfortunate loss of Pure PF3, and the launch of the well put together international Game Day. We haven’t really seen any new products from the innovative company. With that said there is the discretely talked about fat burner that MAN have brought up from time to time Lean PhD. While we are still short on a lot of information for the supplement, we do actually have an update on the brand’s first new complex product in quite some time. On top of it’s effects that all seem to make the supplement sound like the weight loss formula to watch out for. MAN have told us that the product on the way is moving in to beta testing, and to top it off is not far away. With the formula expected to be finalized fans can get their hopes up on seeing the supplement around the time of the Olympia in September. Whether that puts Lean PhD on sale or available to sample we don’t know. We do know however that this is indeed the product MAN mentioned early last year in March, giving it more than a year’s worth of work.

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