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MuscleMeds introduce yet another Carnivor, signature supp gets chocolate peanut butter

MuscleMeds make it 10 for Carnivor Protein with chocolate peanut butter

On Wednesday news came through from MuscleMeds about two new volumes for two of their Carnivor supplements. One was an 8lb bag going to the regular Carnivor in chocolate and vanilla, and the other a 10lb bag going to Carnivor Mass for presumably the same tastes. The two additions saw the brand push their signature Carnivor range even further, making it a total of eight new variants for MuscleMeds this year. Four regular Carnivor flavors, two Carnivor Bars, and the two caffeinated Raging Bull Carnivors. Just when we thought they were done, in fact this would be the third time we thought they were done. The brand have launched yet another Carnivor taste with chocolate peanut butter, which is now beginning to show up in stockists all over the place. The latest MuscleMeds release takes the flagship formula’s menu in to double digits at a total of 10. Almost cementing the brand as the leader in the beef protein market, or at least as far as variety goes.

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