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Value sizes coming to MuscleMed’s beef proteins, save with 8lb Carnivor and 10lb Carnivor Mass

MuscleMeds due to release a 8lb Carnivor and 10lb Carnivor Mass

This year has already brought plenty of new variants for MuscleMed’s Carnivor, with Carnivor Bars, the caffeinated Raging Bull Series 1lber, and enough flavors to double the supplement’s menu. While that would definitely be considered enough as far as adding to any product, flagship or not, it turns out the brand aren’t quite done yet. MuscleMeds have in fact got two more products on the way, both variants of current Carnivor supplements. The first item is a new larger size of the original Carnivor, going twice the product’s biggest option at the moment with an 8lb bag. The second item is very similar to the larger Carnivor, although instead of the regular beef protein it’s a bigger Carnivor Mass volume, with a 10lb bag. Neither the 8lb Carnivor or the 10lb Mass have yet to show up, with unfortunately no official arrival date set. We do know however that when they do fans will only be able to grab the value size Carnivor in two of it’s nine flavors chocolate or vanilla, with 100% of Mass’s menu expected to be on making it to the 10lb.

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