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Direct Muscleology clearance sale now on, save more than 60% on Lipoburn CTX

Muscleology clearing out Lipoburn CTX with more than 60% off

Long time fans of Muscleology may want to head on over to their favorite brand’s official website, as they appear to be clearing out some old stock. The supplement Muscleology are looking to get rid of is their fat burner Lipoburn CTX, which is currently extremely difficult to find but still in stock at places like I’ll Pump You Up. The other place it is available as mentioned is direct from the brand, who are now running a closeout sale on the product. The price the supplement usually has when purchased from Muscleology is $42.99 with the brand’s sequels Lipoburn Platinum at $44.99 and X at $49.99. The original Lipoburn CTX is now well below all those, with a clearance value of $15.99. The formula may not be as modern as Muscleology’s other weight solutions currently in circulation, it’s cost however justifies it’s selection giving you three bottles for less than one Lipoburn X.

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