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High protein bakers teasing something new, P28 due to add to their four product line up

P28 tease the coming of a new product

Following the reveal and release of Quest Nutrition’s new Protein Chips, comes news of another release from one of our favorite non supplement nutrition brand’s P28. The team behind the widely popular and greatly appreciated high protein bread, bagels, flat breads and spreads, have made the exciting announcement that they have something new on the way. As with every teaser, P28 haven’t given much away saying only that it is something new, not going into any further detail. Fans are of course welcome to speculate, however with the floor open to anything this isn’t like taking a stab at what a supplement company has coming. P28 are a baked goods and food brand, making it extremely difficult to guess what it is they have on the way. While P28 are being extremely vague about what it is they’ve been working on, we’re going to put our money on another baked item. The main reason being that it has been almost two years since the brand have done anything along those lines, and only around half a year since their last spread release.

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