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Gifted Nutrition trademarks hint at new line, Phil Heath expected to be going it alone

Gifted Nutrition high up on the list for Phil Heath's next move

Ever since news broke last week about Phil Heath’s departure from Muscletech, a lot of guesses about where the Gift is going have been thrown around. The one that stands out above all the rest, and that actually has quite a bit of evidence going for it is Gifted Nutrition. While the man himself has yet to announce anything, making nothing official. Gifted Nutrition looks to be Heath’s own line of supplements, which is supported by the registration of several trademarks using the name. The registration list does include possible names of products with the likes of Accelerate, Superlean, Ultimate Iso Whey, Accelerate PM and S3 Testosterone Booster. However the more interesting thing is that they are listed separately to that of Phil Heath’s own Gifted Athletics marks. Again with zero updates since the initial announcement nothing is official. But with what can be seen the possibility of the Gift’s own brand is definitely high up on the list. As well as that range being produced by a supplement company much like Jay Cutler with BPI and Dexter Jackson with Infinite Labs.

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