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Scitec Nutrition take the next likely step, Beef Aminos make it a MuscleMeds like family

Scitec Nutrition release another beef supplement, Beef Aminos

The brand first stepped into the beef protein ring with two supplements, the 100% Hydrolyzed Beef and 100% Beef Concentrate. Scitec Nutrition then moved on to a mass beef formula, appropriately titled 100% Beef Muscle. The European brand have now taken the next likely step following a similar path to that of MuscleMeds and Carnivor, with new Beef Aminos. Scitec’s latest product is an amino tablet product, obviously listing it’s single major source as hydrolyzed beef protein peptides, as opposed to the usual whey. Per serving Beef Amino features an 18 strong table of amino acids weighing in at a total of 3.79g, with four tablets making up the one serving. Squeezed into each tub of Scitec’s new Beef Aminos is 200 tablets working out to be 50 servings, or if you are wanting to make a bit of an investment. The brand do have a volume two and half times bigger than that listing a tablet total of 500, working out to be 125 servings.

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