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Sales and specials section now online, update on our spike free Stack3d Certified program

New deals section introduced as well as an update on Stack3d's Certified program

Some may have noticed over the past week we have been making quite a few changes to our website, putting together a couple of new areas all of which have been requested at some point. Over the weekend we updated our giveaway results page, and now we have another new section to introduce. The new area can be found in the pages menu linked in the crossbar under deals, on both our desktop and mobile versions. Basically it groups together all our sales and specials posts, giving those who are looking to save some money their very own filter. To add to our very own update, our focus is now on the Stack3d certified section. This is as some may remember, our effort to separate the proud spike free protein powders from the rest, posting lab test results of products brands have submitted. We are just about to get this thing moving after a long search for the right lab, and will hopefully be putting the spotlight on the supplements that deserve it sometime next month.

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