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4+ Nutrition release remaining facts, Hydro Beef+ coming on Fitmark and Smartshake date

4+ Nutrition's new Hydro Beef+ detailed and confirmed for September 15th

4+ Nutrition have today released details of the supplement previously thought to have been given a different title to that of the one it had in beta testing. It turns out Beef+ is in fact sticking to it’s original name Hydro Beef+, a beef based protein powder now confirmed to be coming in a total of four variants. We did already know the product was sugar free, a highlight that has been joined by the remaining nutrition facts with per 30g serving 27g of protein, 0.3g of carbohydrates, 1g of fiber, 0.8g of fat (0.4g saturated) and 118 calories. Surprisingly Hydro Beef’s menu isn’t as packed as you’d expect, with just two tastes coming from the Italian based flavor specialists. 4+ Nutrition have decided on the basic chocolate and chocolate & coffee, both being produced in the brand’s usual two sizes 900g and 2kg. To add to the news, in a very first for 4+ Nutrition we actually have a launch date for Hydro Beef+. Fans can start counting down to Monday September the 15th, a day becoming more and more busy as it will also see Smartshake’s unveiling and Fitmark’s the Shield.

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