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Chaos and Pain launch on the 22nd as promised, updated Ferox changes listed and explained

Chaos and Pain's updated Cannibal Ferox released and explained

This morning Chaos and Pain launched their third reformulation, the now even more powerfully dosed Cannibal Ferox. The supplement went on sale direct for the usual price of $39.99 in it’s four promised flavors lawless lemonlime, watermelon war machine, mango mutilation and strawbloody kiwi crush. For those that are a part of Chaos and Pain’s insider club, you would have also got the opportunity to save big with a 30% off email coupon. If you missed it, you are actually too late as the code was only available for the first 50 purchasers, a number that has already been passed. In that same insider email, Chaos and Pain also gave everyone a breakdown of all the edits in the new Cannibal Ferox, and why they were made. The new and improved tastes of course explain themselves, as pre-workout flavors are always very unique, although if you are interested in the changes even if you caught our quick take on the updated formula. We have uploaded Chaos and Pain’s table of edits, additions and removals below, along with the brand’s own explanation of why each change was made.

Chaos and Pain's updated Cannibal Ferox released and explained

– Creatine monohydrate was increased to two grams, as more is generally better with creatine (and Chaos and Pain fans requested more).

– Citrulline malate was boosted to 4 grams, as 700 was too low to feel, and studies tend to indicate that you need 4 grams or more to get performance enhancement.

– Caffeine was cranked up to 450 mg per scoop, because ProSupp’s Hyde contains that amount, and Chaos and Pain will not be out-done on stimulants.

– Acetyl L-Tyrosine was increased to 750mg for more focus with the added spazz.

– 4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate, affectionately known as AMP, was added because it’s the closest thing on the market to DMAA, and everybody loves DMAA.

– Picamilon was dropped into the mix for focus, replacing huperzine.

– Naringin was eliminated because it was incredibly bitter, as were β-Phenethylamine (PEA) and white willow bark. Though naringin worked well as a stimulant intensifier, the effect it was having on the flavor killed its value.

– Dendrobium is incredibly bitter and of dubious value, so it was removed.

– B12 didn’t seem to have a noticeable effect, so it was eliminated.

– Higenamine, hordenine, and synephrine were all increased to 75mg per scoop. They act similarly, but with different half lives, so the three in combination provide smooth energy without a crash. Higenamine and hordenine peak at 3 10 and 3 minutes, respectively, so they act as a jump start for the entire formula, while synephrine peaks at an hour like more conventional stimulants and adds to the buzz from the caffeine and synephrine.

– P5P’s dosage worked for mood enhancement and bioperine’s stimulant enhancement dose was already high, so those remain the same.

– 1.5mg of yohimbine hcl per scoop is the most Chaos and Pain’s insurance would allow, so it remains the same as well.

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