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Protein snack gets it’s fourth one year after release, Detour add peanut butter chocolate to SMART Bar

Detour introduce another flavor for their SMART Bars with peanut butter chocolate

Detour this week have introduced a new variant for one of their many on-the-go protein snacks. The item being added to isn’t their RTD, Lean Muscle, Oatmeal, regular or Lower Sugar bars, but their gluten free whole grain solution, the SMART Bar. The supplement first popped up on our radar around this time last year, launching in three flavors apple cinnamon, blueberry, and cranberry flax. Just over one year later Detour have now confirmed a fourth option for the product, with a not so fruity recipe in peanut butter chocolate. The variant is of course almost identical in facts compared to the other three SMART Bars, listing the highest amount of protein on the menu at 11g. The lowest amount of carbohydrates at 16g, and unfortunately the highest amount of fat at 6g (1g saturated), more than double apple cinnamon and blueberry. If you are interested in trying the new bar from Detour, some stores do already seem to be stocking it. Although if your usual retailer isn’t, the brand are selling it direct at $14.85 for a box of nine.

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