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Latest from Epiq with a lot of promises, 3X Lean Muscle to be used everyday workout or not

3X Lean Muscle making promises as latest Epiq supplement

Just like when it took Epiq a little while to list Heat GC on their website, despite it already being out and available at GNC, another supplement from the brand has shown up without any official listing or mention. The name of the new Epiq product is 3X Lean Muscle, a confident title followed by the line ‘triple action lean musclebuilder’. To help deliver on it’s name and many package listed promises, the brand have packed the presumed pre-workout supplement with a total of seven different ingredients. Starting from the top 3X Lean Muscle features 50mg of vitamin C alongside a 1,760mg blend of betaine anhydrous, betaine nitrate, Peak ATP, spinach leaf, choline bitartrate and grape seed extract. Epiq recommend users take the product on both workout and non-workout days, suggesting it’s performance effects will increase over time. The caplet supplement does squeeze in the usual 30 days supply per box, however most of the promising facts on 3X Lean Muscle do hint at a six or 12 week cycle being the way to go. Based on those numbers it sounds like it’d be best to get three boxes when the product arrives, enough for 12 weeks solo or six with a friend.

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