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Update on Explicit Nutrition pre-workout, untitled energizer looking likely for August

Explicit Nutrition confirm their pre-workout for August

While the one supplement brand Explicit Nutrition did recently make the jump from one to two with their fat burner Thermolyze. There was in fact a third product the brand talked about long before the Explicit weight loss solution was even mentioned, then quickly released. A pre-workout from the brand is and has been in the works for quite some time, actually dating all the way back to March. Despite it being about four months since we’ve heard anything from Explicit about their energizing entry, the brand do finally have an update. Word is the currently untitled pre-workout is due out sometime this month. As we move into day two of August, that leaves just a day and four weeks for Explicit to do something. Which is in fact plenty of turn around for a brand who last time launched three days after their preview.

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