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World’s first caseinless time release whey, Fuel:One confirm launch and 3 more products

Fuel:One reveal three new supplements with confirmation of launch next month

With the well teased and unique Fuel:One still yet to launch in the US, we thought it would be wise to get an update on the bright new brand looking to make a splash. For those interested, word is that the line is due to go on sale sometime next month, at none other than GNC. We weren’t told if any other major retailers would be getting the brand, although to add to the topic GNC is the only place listed under national retailers on Fuel:One’s website. While a relatively short wait is exciting news, especially if you’ve been looking forward to the arrival of the brand. We have also been told about three more products coming from Fuel:One in Miceller Build, Isolate Build and Phospha Build. Being upcoming supplements for an upcoming brand we of course don’t have too much information, but definitely enough. Isolate Build from what we know is an isolate protein, Phospha the combination of phosphatidic acid and tart cherry, and lastly the more interesting product Micellar Build. The name does scream casein protein, although according to Fuel:One it is actually the world’s first time release whey protein. If you’re like us you will have plenty of questions, all of which are likely to be answered next month, when the brand finally arrives with their now 11 strong supplement selection.

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