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Giant Sports make room for their latest, upcoming Giant Pump officially listed

Giant Sports update their website and add a page for Giant Pump

With the arrival of Giant Sport’s latest innovation Giant Pump just around the corner. The makers of Delicious Protein have updated their website making room for the pump dedicated pre-workout. A lot of Giant fans won’t notice too much of a change online, as the design has been kept relatively the same with the previous version’s boxed section consistency carried over. Outside of the layout similarities, the brand have introduced a whole new set of colors resulting in a much darker theme. Giant have also rearranged their navigation, where the other major update comes in, the product page for Giant Pump. The addition is most definitely the biggest attraction of the online overhaul, finally giving fans a place where they can read all about Giant’s fifth supplement. If you do head on over and check out the new site, you will also see our awesome competition title being put to good use. Which as a matter of fact still has one week to go with eight tubs left to giveaway.

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