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Gifted get all the ticks this time around, ISO Whey pitted against an unknown leader

Gifted Nutrition compare their protein powder ISO Whey against a leading competitor

The other day we know a lot of people had something to say about Gifted Nutrition’s Accelerate comparison chart, which from what we saw didn’t swing the vote the way the brand may have wanted. Today Gifted have now released another chart, pitting their protein powder ISO Whey against a leading competitor. Firstly we will say this one is a lot better than the last, whether or not they took our advice, we’re seeing all ticks on Gifted’s side of the table this time. With that said we still feel there are some inaccuracies or facts that look a little out of place. For this let’s just put ISO Whey against what we would say is the leading isolate, if not the leader then definitely one of them, Dymatize’s ISO-100.

Gifted Nutrition compare their protein powder ISO Whey against a leading competitor

Starting from the top, the protein per serve is somewhat irrelevant, as if the amount of servings is still high, you pay for the extra protein eventually. We also see BCAA and protein spiking points, that actually suggest a leading isolate is spiking, although in the case of Dymatize’s ISO, it is free of suspicion listing no added aminos. ISO-100 is also fat free, stevia sweetened, lower in carbs at 1g, and when worked out to match ISO Whey’s numbers, even has less calories at 132. The last line we feel is a bit off is price, as Gifted’s cost per gram of protein is $0.0519 compared to Dymatize’s $0.0426. While that doesn’t seem like much due to the low values, it is over 20% more expensive, so basically the difference between 40 and $50. In all honesty, despite a lot of the points not matching up to what we know as a leading competitor. Gifted did well this time to pick their battles, going with a protein powder that appears inferior and makes them look like they’re in the running. Seeing as now we’ve got two of these charts, we feel we could be in for maybe two more, with Gifted’s S3 and Superlean left to be compared.

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