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Phil Heath’s line officially added to Tiger Fitness, Gifted Nutrition retail prices looking identical to direct

Gifted added to Tiger Fitness with values identical to direct

Currently direct from Gifted Nutrition’s website is the only place Phil Heath fans can purchase their favorite bodybuilder’s new supplements. While that has still yet to change, another place is looking like it’s just around the corner. Tiger Fitness have officially added Gifted to their list of brands, along with all four products, Accelerate, Superlean, S3 and the protein powder ISO Whey. Unfortunately unlike with other coming soon supplements, Tiger Fitness haven’t listed an arrival date for any of Gifted’s formulas. They have however listed prices for them, which could end up being another big problem for the brand. With most companies direct availability is usually quite a bit more expensive, although in the case of Gifted at Tiger Fitness the values are the same. Accelerate is the cheapest at $39.99, with the testosterone booster S3 the highest all the way up at $59.99. While the costs may not be final, and could change when the products eventually hit Tiger Fitness. If they don’t, Gifted are going to have trouble justifying their relatively high prices against the competition.

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