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Variants confirmed for Amino Volt, latest from Inner Armour with just 2 on the menu

Flavors and sizes confirmed for Inner Armour's upcoming Amino Volt

Back in the middle of the week Inner Armour confirmed their interest in the energizing amino category with their upcoming caffeinated formula Amino Volt. In the post we were able to detail the product, including it’s anti-transparent three proprietary blends. Today we don’t have anything to update you with in terms of availability, we do however have the flavors and sizes fans will have to choose from, when Amino Volt does finally arrive. Starting with the biggest and most common volume, Inner Armour have gone with the usual 30 serving tub in two flavors, blue raspberry and watermelon. The next one down is a five serving trial size bottle, that from what we can see is only due in watermelon. Lastly we have the two serving sample sachet that could very well go on sale in some places, but is likely to be just given away with both of the 30 serving’s tastes on the menu, blue raspberry and watermelon. For more information on Inner Armour’s Amino Volt it would be best to check out our post from the other day, or be on the look out for it at your local stockist soon.

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