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Customize your IsoBag for an extra $10, Isolator Fitness give fans two 25 character spaces

Isolator Fitness now offering custom embroidered IsoBags

Over the years the meal management game has changed quite a bit, with a lot more than just Six Pack Bags dominating the market. The innovative brand now have a handful of competitors, including the one of topic today, Isolator Fitness and their IsoBags. While fans of each company will of course have their own reasons as to who they like and why, Isolator have given their future followers another reason to go with an IsoBag. The brand have launched a new section on their website with custom embroidered three and six meal bags. The modification option gives those purchasing an IsoBag in any one of the ten original colors and any size. The ability to spend $10 extra and have 25 characters of your choosing embroidered on the front or top of a bag, or spend an extra $30, and have both custom areas covered. The place to personalize your own IsoBag can be found on Isolator’s direct store, where you will be looking at a total of $79.99 for a custom three meal IsoBag. $99.99 for a double custom, and for a six meal bag, $99.99 and $119.99.

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