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Launch specialists release Lecheek’s latest, 2 tubs of Stim Shot for $35 at Nutraplanet

Two tubs of Lecheek Nutrition's new Stim Shot available for $35

With a lot of places now beginning to show up with Lecheek Nutrition’s new sub-lingual supplement Stim Shot. Fans are no doubt going to wonder where the best place to purchase the one of a kind pre-workout is. While direct was the first place to list the product, then Supplement Central the first to have Stim Shot on sale. Nutraplanet is now the store you want to visit to get the latest from Lecheek. The launch specialists have uploaded the supplement for the average price of $25.95, valuing the full size product at around the same as everyone else. With that said, when you purchase two tubs of Stim Shot the cost drastically drops by about 30%, down to exactly $17.27 a bottle. The Nutraplanet offer is only being listed as available for a few days only, sounding a lot shorter than their usual ‘limited’ time frame, so act fast if you’re interested.

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