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Monster Energy confirm the coming of a new flavor, teased variant expected to a part of mainstream family

Monster Energy tease the coming of a new flavor

We know a lot of our readers are energy drink fans, probably just as much as we are. Energy pills and powders are awesome and definitely help us stay awake for whatever occasion, work, an event. The sour and signature taste of an energy drink however is just something we have always enjoyed. With that said news today has come in from one of our favorite companies, Monster Energy. Word is the brand have put together a new flavor for their already wide range, for release sometime soon. There haven’t been any hints or clues about what the flavor is going to be, or even what category the product will fall under. Just an image with the words Monster Energy and Monster’s vertical logo visible. Which in turn for us rules out the possibility of a Java, Rehab, Extra Strength, Dub or Muscle variant. The time frame given to the new Monster is unfortunately ‘stay tuned’, a little better than the usual ‘coming soon’, but still vague.

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