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The Truth looking like some kind of exposé, 2 days out Muscle Elements move to the 8th

Muscle Elements move their Truth date to September 8th

If the suspense wasn’t already killing you, Muscle Elements mystery build up to The Truth just got pushed that little bit further. We’ve seen teaser after teaser from the brand hinting at some sort of announcement or story informing consumers about something in the supplement industry. Whether it’s on the heated topic of amino spiking or something else entirely, we are still unsure. Today however Muscle Elements have told us that we in fact don’t have the two days left to wait as previously promised. Instead it turns out the brand want to delay their Truth promotion until the 8th of September, so it doesn’t collide with Labor Day. As respectful and thoughtful as that is, we are now left with an additional wait of seven more days. To help ease the pain of the extra time, Muscle Elements have put together another image featuring the hashtag #whostellingthetruth. Like all the brand’s other pictures it is rather vague, although does push us further in the direction of thinking we’re looking at an exposé, possibly uncovering trade secrets or something along those lines.

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