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Clue #3 for Muscle Elements mystery released, the Truth is apparently something for everyone

Muscle Elements release clue number three for their mystery Olympia move

Following on from clue number one and two, Muscle Elements have given us clue number three by way of another image. At first we were a little bit clueless about what it is the brand have coming, and as it stands today we still are well and truly clueless. Muscle Element’s latest clue however does give a bit more of an insight about what their big pre-Olympia move is going to be focused around. Firstly the words ‘the Truth’ have been used since the first promotion of it all, suggesting something honest from the brand. We now see in Muscle Element’s new image that it’s apparently a truth the world wants to see. The quote ‘the world is waking up… and they want the truth’ is used, suggesting that this is something we are all only just picking up on. Regardless of whether or not we’re on the right path here, this to us highlights protein amino spiking. It could also relate to something more marketable like the consumer realizing what good supplements are, as well as even transparently dosed formulas. While we are beginning to feel like this is more and more product related than originally thought, we aren’t even close to putting our money on anything. With so many out there and vague clues, we are more than happy to wait this one out and see what it is Muscle Elements have come September.

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