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Bio-Sport updating and hopefully improving, reformulated Forza Max currently in the works

Bio-Sport confirm a reformulation for their pre-workout Forza Max

With a lot of brands slightly modifying, completely reformulating, or just releasing entirely new supplements, it’s no wonder more companies aren’t feeling the pressure to make a some changes to their pre-workout. Bio-Sport USA are one of the brands who has seen the intense competition and decided to make some modifications. While Bio-Sport’s energizing product Forza Max is only just over one year old, the brand have confirmed that an updated version of the pre-workout is in the works. At the moment the current formula isn’t overly packed with a 13g scoop featuring energy, performance and pump ingredients. It is however missing some of the trending features right now such as AMP Citrate. Bio-Sport have of course not given any details about the contents of their upcoming Forza Max reformulation. So there is no confirmation of what has been added or removed, just that a new version is coming and is expected to an improvement.

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