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Her Multi and Garcinia join Her CLA, NLA now with three coming soon supplements

Two more basic supplements confirmed for NLA For Her, Her Multi and Her Garcinia

News has come in of NLA once again adding to their female based line of supplements, with not just one but two new products. The information comes in after last weeks’ post on Her CLA, the formula on it’s way and set to take the spin off range to a total of seven. The two supplements that have now been confirmed as numbers eight and nine, are Her Multi and Her Garcinia. Firstly we’ll go over Her Multi, obviously a multi-vitamin formula which according to NLA has been scientifically designed for women. In terms of contents the product lists more than 23 vitamins and minerals with two proprietaries thrown in, a fruit & veggie and a beauty blend. Lastly we have Her Garcinia that while may seem straight forward, packs it’s title relevant 475mg of garcinia cambogia (60% HCA), although also features 400mg of green coffee bean. Unfortunately like with NLA’s Her CLA we are short on launch specifics, but with three supplements now confirmed as coming soon fans have a lot to look forward to.

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