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Nutrex rebrand four from their Black Series, Hemo Rage Energy Shot now called Outrage

Nutrex change the name of their Hemo Rage Shot to Outrage

As it turns out Nutrex have apparently got a lot more in the bank following the launch of their two new supplements Adipodex and Hibern8, and upcoming pre-workout Outlift. The brand have in fact uploaded an image of a seemingly new premixed product called Outrage. At first glance as mentioned it does look like a new supplement, on closer inspection however Outrage is actually a rebranded and renamed Hemo Rage Turbo Shot. The product comes in the same two flavors with slightly different names, green apple instead of apple ambush and fruit punch instead of sucker punch. Something else we noticed with Nutrex’s Outrage is that the supplement’s label theme is identical to that of Adipodex, Hibern8 and Outlift. While originally we thought the look would bring about another line. It appears that Nutrex are taking an alternate route and rebranding all the products in the range their latest have joined. As it stands right now only T-Up, Niox and Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrated have been seen in the new theme, leaving a lot more from the Black Series to be updated. Whether or not the shift is going to see some more title changes, introductions or even goodbyes, we’re not too certain. We do know however, the more interesting supplement from Nutrex is still on the way, set for sometime in September.

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