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Countdown clock still on zero after 10 days, PNI well passed planned August 1st deadline

PNI countdown clock hits zero with still nothing after 10 days

Well over four weeks ago now, PNI added a countdown clock to their website, counting down to August 1st. When we discovered the clock it had roughly three weeks left on it, promising the arrival of a brand new site when all it’s digits dropped to zero. Just over one week ago the clock struck zero for days, hours, minutes and seconds, however nothing happened. We did decide to give PNI a bit of breathing room, of which is now 10 days of breathing with still no movement online. We definitely had our suspicions about what the brand’s website update would bring with so much time on the clock. Although as it turns out, whatever it is they are working on. Whether be just a new theme or introduction of new products, it’s taking them a lot longer than planned. While we were hoping for something along the lines of more supplements, regardless of what’s coming you can’t help but wonder why PNI are so disorganized, especially for a deadline they set themselves.

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